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A full day of free training sessions for visitors including CPD Refresher courses and End User Guidance. Pre-registration is required and some prior knowledge is assumed.


Allen Smith, DROPS Global (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme)

Allen Smith, DROPS Global (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme)

Allen is a global industry Focal Point on dropped object prevention across all aspects of oil and gas operations and is actively involved in the daily administration and facilitation of the DROPS Initiative worldwide. He is party to the validation and publication of all DROPS Best Practice guidance and documentation.
Allen is the Principal DROPS Trainer providing comprehensive familiarization and coaching. This includes Train the Trainer sessions, classroom based awareness sessions and practical training in every global region across a variety of fixed and floating offshore assets and land based units and facilities.
Allen has been instrumental in DROPS guidance and training course material development and continues to advise and support further developments to enhance the content. This includes a consultancy offering to DROPS member organisations wishing to produce and roll-out their own training materials.
Allen has been commissioned by world leading energy companies to assist in the strategic development, delivery and assessment of dropped object prevention campaigns

12:25-12:55 - Dropped Object Exposure in Lifting Operations

An overview of best practice guidance and resources developed by DROPS, the oil and gas initiative focussed on dropped object prevention.

Dave Tucker, Senior Training Specialist, LEEA

Dave Tucker, Senior Training Specialist, LEEA

This condensed version of LEEA’s new End User Guidance training course in the newly launched Academy 2.0 Learner Management system. This course provides an essential insight to general legal responsibilities for lifting equipment owners and users.

10:15-11:15 - End User Guidance

11:20-12:20 - CPD Refresher - Thorough Examination of Jaw Winches

13:35-14:35 - CPD Refresher - Hand Chain Blocks and Lever Hoists in the Offshore Industry

Scott Barnes, Training Specialist, LEEA

Scott Barnes, Training Specialist, LEEA

Scott Barnes, ATS Specialist and Member Engagement Services Manager – UK South, will be presenting on the LEEA accredited training Scheme. Attendees of this session will gain an understanding of the scheme, the processes for: joining, certification,

13:00-13:30 - Accredited Training Scheme Session